Peter Cannito

Mr. Cannito is an Operating Partner at AE Industrial, bringing over 20 years of experience in the defense, technology and government services industries, and serves as the CEO of Redwire, an AE Industrial portfolio company. Prior to joining AE Industrial, Mr. Cannito served as the CEO of Polaris Alpha, a high-tech solutions provider developing systems for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community, with specialized experience in Space, Cyber and the Electromagnetic Spectrum. He also held successive executive roles at EOIR Technologies and Booz Allen Hamilton. Prior to this, Mr. Cannito started a company which focused on enterprise mobile computing. He currently sits on the boards of AE Industrial’s portfolio companies: AMPAC,, Columbia, Gryphon and Redwire. Mr. Cannito holds a BS in Finance from the University of Delaware, an MBA from the University of Maryland, and he proudly served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.