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AE Industrial Partners has invested in 29 platform companies and completed over 80 minority, add-on, and structured investments, since 2015.

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Commercial Aerospace, Power & Utility Services

AIM MRO is a leading manufacturer and supply chain manager of highly engineered consumable repair products and materials used primarily in the aerospace engine aftermarket. AIM MRO has differentiated itself by offering a “one-stop-shop” serving aerospace engine and gas turbine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (“MRO”) facilities worldwide in their demand for highly engineered consumable parts and materials used in the repair of flight critical engine components. AIM MRO takes an analytical approach to integrating the multi-site material spend of global engine component repair operations in order to deliver significant value and customized solutions for its customers.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Tribologix
    • Gerard Poly Mouldings (GPM)
  • Initial Investment | December 2019
    Headquarters | Miamiville, OH
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-Owned
    Business Aviation

    Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Alpine is a leading regional air cargo carrier providing critical air infrastructure supporting a wide range of integrated logistics operations throughout North America. Alpine operates a growing fleet of aircraft and owns a proprietary Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”) to convert the Beechcraft 1900D aircraft from passenger configuration to cargo configuration, making it the largest single pilot cargo aircraft in the world.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Great Lakes Airlines
    • Suburban Air Freight
  • Initial Investment | May 2019
    Headquarters | Provo, UT
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Privately held by management / individual investors
    Specialty Industrial

    Serving customers for more than 100 years, Altus is a full-service fire and life safety services platform. Altus offers a complete suite of solutions, from the design, engineering, installation, and servicing of state-of-the-art fire and life safety systems, to training, consulting, crisis management and business continuity services. The platform currently consists of nine brands including Adcock’s Systems, Alarm & Suppression, BK Systems, Croker Fire Drill, Cross-Fire & Security, Fire Systems, Northeast Fire Systems, Crime Intervention Alarm and Priority Fire and Security.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Cross-Fire & Security
    • Alarm & Suppression
    • NISCO
    • Adcock
    • Croker
    • Fire Systems
    • BK Systems
    • Crime Intervention Alarm
    • Priority Fire and Security
  • Initial Investment | May 2021
    Headquarters | Brooklyn, NY
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-Owned
    Defense & Government Services

    Ambit is a specialty provider of IT modernization, business transformation and mission support services for the Federal Government. GreenZone is a leading data management and analytics, cybersecurity, and agile software development provider to the Federal Government. The combination of Ambit and GreenZone creates a highly responsive, agile partner with a 17-year history of enabling government to deliver mission programs and manage complex transformations. Ambit unites its human-centered approach with GreenZone’s data expertise to maximize efficiency, reduce friction, and recover costs.

    Initial Investment | February 2021
    Headquarters | Vienna, VA
    Realized | October 2022
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-owned
    Specialty Industrial, Space

    American Pacific Corporation is a leading specialty materials manufacturer of critical chemicals for some of the U.S. Government’s most vital military and space programs, and clean fire extinguishing agents for the fire protection industry. Founded in 1955, American Pacific produces highly technical materials through proprietary processes for use in missile defense, space launch, pharmaceutical, and fire suppression applications. American Pacific has built a world-class reputation for reliability and quality in markets where failure is not an option. The Company operates out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in Cedar City, Utah.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Frontier Aerospace
  • Initial Investment | February 2020
    Headquarters | Cedar City, UT
    Realized | January 2024
    Previous Ownership | Financial Sponsor
    Defense & Government Services, Commercial Aerospace, Space

    Applied Composites is a leading provider of complex composite components, assemblies, engineering, and tooling to the aerospace, defense, and space markets. Applied Composites was formed through AEI’s acquisitions of AC&A, Alliance Spacesystems, Applied Composites Engineering (“ACE”), Applied Composite Structures (“ACS”), formerly known as EnCore Composite Structures, San Diego Composites (“SDC”) and North Coast Composites. Operating across six locations, Applied Composites is recognized as a leading supplier of advanced composite solutions for airframes, engines, auxiliary power units, nacelle structures, rotorcraft, spacecraft, satellites and UAVs with expanding content on many high growth aerospace, space and defense platforms.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • AC&A
    • Alliance Spacesystems
    • Applied Composites Engineering
    • Applied Composite Structures
    • San Diego Composites
    • North Coast Composites
  • Initial Investment | May 2016
    Headquarters | Lake Forest, CA
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Founder-Owned
    Defense & Government Services, Commercial Aerospace, Business Aviation

    Atlas manufactures flight-critical, complex assemblies on a diverse group of commercial, military and business aircraft, including the 737MAX, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Gulfstream G650, and nearly every Textron Aviation aircraft. Atlas has developed a unique set of machining, specialty forming and chemical processing capabilities, supported by automation technology and low-cost manufacturing. This vertical integration allows Atlas to deliver a broad range of complex aircraft assemblies, including complete aircraft doors, escape hatches, wing structures, and flight control assemblies for a growing list of leading aerospace OEMs with a center of excellence in manufacturing a wide range of complex assemblies including aircraft doors, engine nacelle structures, pressure bulkheads and a variety of other product families. The Atlas Group is based in Wichita, KS with other strategic locations in Phoenix, AZ, Bensalem, PA and Chihuahua, Mexico.

    Initial Investment | October 2017
    Headquarters | Wichita, KS
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Founder-Owned
    Defense & Government Services, Commercial Aerospace, Specialty Industrial, Space

    Belcan is a market-leading, global supplier of engineering and IT consultancy services, supply chain services, data analytics and technical staffing solutions. Belcan engineers better outcomes for customers in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, pharmaceutical, electronics and government sectors through adaptive and integrated services. Belcan always takes a partnering approach to provide customer-driven solutions that are flexible, scalable and cost-effective.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Tandel Systems
    • East Kilbride Engineering Services (“EKES”)
    • Intercom Consulting & Federal Systems
    • The Kemtah Group
    • Schafer Corporation
    • CDI Corporation’s Aerospace Engineering Assets
    • Allegiant International
    • Omega Engineering Services
    • Kaman Engineering Services
    • Sitec
    • Robot Morning (minority investment)
    • Lagoni Engineering
    • Base2 Solutions
    • Telesis
    • AVISTA
    • VICTOR42
    • RTM Consulting
  • Initial Investment | July 2015
    Headquarters | Cincinnati, OH
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family-owned
    Power & Utility Services

    BHI Energy is an industry-leading provider of specialty services and staffing solutions supporting the daily operations, routine maintenance and capital investment requirements for the industrial/oil & gas, power generation, and transmission & distribution markets. BHI’s broad service offering enables it to be an embedded provider of choice to a diverse customer base comprised of blue-chip utility and energy companies. BHI has a workforce of over 8,500 experienced project management and technical, professional and craft employees operating at more than 130 project locations globally.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • D&D Power
    • Plaska Transmission Line Construction
    • Coastal Electrical Construction
    • TechCom International
    • D.B.E. Management
  • Initial Investment | August 2017
    Headquarters | Weymouth, MA
    Realized | May 2022
    Previous Ownership | Financial Sponsor
    Defense & Government Services

    A leader in decision dominance for more than 20 years, (NYSE: BBAI) operationalizes artificial intelligence and machine learning at scale through its end-to-end data analytics platform. The Company uses its proprietary AI/ML technology and cyber engineering solutions to support its customers’ decision-making processes and deliver practical solutions that work in complex, realistic and imperfect data environments.’s composable AI-powered platform solutions work together as often as they stand alone: Observe (data ingestion and conflation), Orient (composable machine learning at scale), and Dominate (visual anticipatory intelligence and optimization).’s customers, which include the U.S. Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, the U.S. Federal Government, as well as customers in the commercial sector, rely on’s high value software products and technology to analyze information, identify and manage risk, and support mission critical decision making.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • NuWave Solutions
    • PCI
    • ProModel Government Services
    • ProModel Corporation
    • Pangiam
  • Initial Investment | June 2020
    Headquarters | Columbia, MD
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-Owned
    Defense & Government Services

    Blue Raven Solutions is a leader in the military aftermarket, offering a broad set of supply chain management solutions including distribution, program management, kitting & logistics, obsolescence management, counterfeit avoidance, and repair management, across a range of highly engineered, mission-critical mechanical, electrical and structural components. Blue Raven Solutions combines best-in-class supply chain management capabilities, a high level of customer and program level access, deep business development resources and proprietary analytics to ensure operational readiness for its customers while driving value for its OEM and supply chain partners. With over 10 offices globally, more than 120,000 feet of facility space, 85+ formal OEM partnerships, and approximately 200 employees with deep domain expertise, the combined company’s scale, infrastructure and resources can support a large and growing group of supply chain partners and military customers with highly customized solutions.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Triman Industries
    • Brighton Cromwell
    • Crestwood Technology Group
  • Initial Investment | August 2019
    Headquarters | Morristown, NJ
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-Owned
    Specialty Industrial

    Calca Solutions is a mission-critical products platform focused on national security. The company is a leading manufacturer of hydrazine, which is used in diverse national security applications, including in-space propellant, military aircraft, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment. Calca Solutions has been the sole domestic provider of high purity hydrazine to the U.S. Government / Defense Logistics Agency for over 70 years. The Lake Charles facilities are over 40,000 square feet and situated on a 3-acre property operated by 20 full-time employees.

    Initial Investment | July 2023
    Headquarters | Lake Charles, LA
    Active | Active
    Defense & Government Services

    CASE is a founder-owned, leading provider of mission-critical technology services to the U.S. government’s most discerning and difficult to penetrate customers in the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense. CASE delivers a broad range of next generation IT capabilities in cloud, cyber and software development to solve its customers most pressing and important nationals security challenges. Specifically, CASE provides classified, high-end services that are in constant and increasing demand, including secure cloud architecture and analytics, software development and automation, systems engineering and integration, etc.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Fire Team Solutions
    • Case Consulting
  • Initial Investment | October 2021
    Headquarters | Reston, VA
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-owned
    Power & Utility Services

    CDI is a leading provider of engineering, design, architecture and project support services to the energy and chemicals markets. CDI’s proven project management capabilities and a deep team of experts enable them to deliver the most complex and challenging projects, safely, on time and on budget. AE Industrial Partners acquired CDI Corp, the NYSE-listed parent of CDI Engineering Solutions in 2017, and subsequently divested its aerospace and government services divisions to AEI portfolio companies Belcan and Gryphon Technologies. The former CDI IT services, staffing, recruiting and infrastructure business lines have been divested to other parties.

    Initial Investment | September 2017
    Headquarters | Houston, TX
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Public
    Defense & Government Services

    Columbia Helicopters is a leading OEM and provider of aviation, manufacturing, and MRO services to a variety of end markets including government and defense, firefighting, construction, and on-shore oil & gas. Founded in 1957 and based in Aurora, Oregon, Columbia is known for its industry-leading reliability, safety, and innovation. Columbia holds many aviation authorizations, including a Department of Defense (DoD) Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB) certification, which allows the Company to perform outsourced government transportation, among other mission-critical operations.

    Initial Investment | August 2019
    Headquarters | Aurora, OR
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-Owned
    Defense & Government Services

    Edge Autonomy is a leader in unmanned and autonomous technology and was established with the goal of developing the most advanced platforms and sensors in the unmanned market. The company’s unmanned technologies are used in nearly 60 countries by government, commercial and academic customers. Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, Edge Autonomy benefits from its vertically integrated operations and global footprint, including over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities on two continents, with key support offices located in Bend, Oregon, and Herndon, Virginia.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • UAV Factory
    • Jennings Aeronautics
    • Adaptive Energy
  • Initial Investment | January 2021
    Headquarters | San Luis Obispo, California
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-Owned
    Specialty Industrial, Power & Utility Services

    ENERCON is a multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental services firm supporting the safe and efficient production, delivery and use of energy. The Company provides a broad range of professional services to private, public, and government sector clients including engineering design, regulatory services, environmental protection, compliance and inspections. Headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia, ENERCON has been serving customers domestically and internationally since 1983.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Ardent Environmental Group
  • Initial Investment | February 2021
    Headquarters | Kennesaw, GA
    Realized | March 2023
    Previous Ownership | Employee-Owned

    Firefly is developing a family of launch and in-space vehicles and services that provide industry-leading affordability, convenience, and reliability. Firefly’s launch vehicles utilize common technologies, manufacturing infrastructure and launch capabilities, providing LEO launch solutions for up to ten metric tons of payload at the lowest cost per kg in the small-launch class. Combined with Firefly’s in-space vehicles, such as the Space Utility Vehicle and Blue Ghost Lunar Lander, Firefly provides the space industry with a single source for missions from LEO to the surface of the Moon or beyond. Firefly is headquartered in Cedar Park, TX.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Spaceflight Inc.
  • Initial Investment | March 2022
    Headquarters | Cedar Park, TX
    Status | Active
    Defense & Government Services, Commercial Aerospace, Space

    G.S. Precision is a leading provider of complex, highly engineered components and assemblies for the aerospace and defense industry. With over 60 years of experience, seven facilities and more than 700 employees, G.S. Precision is a unique platform with a vertically integrated model that is well suited to serve it’s blue-chip customer base.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • SMC Aerospace
    • F.T. Gearing
  • Initial Investment | November 2019
    Headquarters | Brattleboro, VT
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-Owned

    With more than $3.5 billion in originations, Global Jet Capital provides financing solutions for the business aircraft market. The Global Jet Capital management team has served the business aircraft industry for a combined 250-plus years and has completed over 3,500 aircraft transactions. The company has the expertise, financial strength, industry relationships and infrastructure necessary to offer a variety of flexible financing solutions at the speed the market requires.

    Initial Investment | October 2015
    Headquarters | Danbury, CT
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Corporate-Owned
    Defense & Government Services

    Gryphon Technologies is a premier engineering and technical services provider specializing in defense systems and integration, naval architecture and marine engineering, test and evaluation, program management, cybersecurity, MRO and logistics. For over 20 years, the Company has designed, integrated, maintained, and upgraded state-of-the-art systems, ships and aircraft for the Department of Defense. Founded in 1997, the Company has over 1,200 employees across 19 locations.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • CDI Government Services
    • Schafer
    • PGFM Solutions
  • Initial Investment | September 2018
    Headquarters | Washington, D.C.
    Realized | December 2021
    Previous Ownership | Founder-Owned
    Commercial Aerospace

    Kellstrom Aerospace is an aerospace aftermarket business focused on providing new parts, surplus material and other technical services to airlines, MROs and lessors. Kellstrom Aerospace provides its customers with instant access to one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive inventories of new and pre-owned aircraft parts and offers world-class supply chain solutions, including new OEM parts distribution, consignment management, pre-owned parts distribution, repair management, overhauled rotable components, parts exchange, whole engine assets and fleet provisioning programs.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • The Aircraft Group
    • Transaero Commercial Distribution
    • Vortex Aviation
  • Initial Investment | April 2015
    Headquarters | Miami Lakes, FL
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Financial Sponsor
    Defense & Government Services, Commercial Aerospace, Power & Utility Services

    Moeller Aerospace manufactures highly engineered, flight-critical jet engine components including flow-path hardware such as turbine blades and nozzles. Since its founding in 1949, Moeller has become a recognized industry leader in the precision machining of many materials including nickel alloys, stainless steel, titanium, and super alloys in wrought, forged and cast form. Moeller also designs and produces a proprietary fastening technology through its Click-Loc and FlexThread fastener products.

    Initial Investment | July 2016
    Headquarters | Wixom, MI
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family-Owned
    Defense & Government Services

    Pangiam is a leading provider of customized digital identity, biometrics, AI/ML and advanced analytics software and solutions to government and commercial customers. As a team of customs and security professionals with decades of experience at senior levels of the U.S. Government, Pangiam has an intimate understanding of the security, facilitation, and disaster response challenges facing governments and industry leaders around the world. Pangiam is revolutionizing the future of operations, security, and safety at airports, seaports, and land border crossings by applying unique expertise and technology to deliver intelligent authentication and improve the movement of people and goods.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Linkware
    • veriScan
    • Trueface
  • Initial Investment | October 2020
    Headquarters | McLean, VA
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Founder-Owned
    Defense & Government Services

    REDLattice is a mission-focused provider of full spectrum cyber capabilities and technology solutions for customers in the U.S. national security, defense and commercial communities. REDLattice helps its customers deliver mission success by rapidly designing, developing, and implementing cutting edge applications and engineering solutions for some of their most complex challenges. The Company’s subject matter experts in vulnerability research (VR), reverse engineering (RE), tool development, malware analysis, and advanced operational capabilities help to develop the next generation of cyber tools and solutions to the battlespace.

    Initial Investment | January 2023
    Headquarters | Chantilly, VA
    Status | Active

    Redwire Corporation (NYSE: RDW) is a leader in space infrastructure for the next generation space economy, with valuable IP for solar power generation and in-space 3D printing and manufacturing. With decades of flight heritage combined with the agile and innovative culture of a commercial space platform, Redwire is uniquely positioned to assist its customers in solving the complex challenges of future space missions.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Adcole Space
    • Deep Space Systems
    • Made In Space
    • Oakman Aerospace
    • Roccor
    • LoadPath
    • Deployable Space Systems
    • Techshot
  • Initial Investment | March 2020
    Headquarters | Jacksonville, FL
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Financial Sponsor

    Resolute Industrial is a leading independent provider of temporary heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) solutions in North America, providing commercial HVAC&R rental services through a national fleet of large to small tonnage cooling equipment and heaters. The Company also manufactures heating equipment in-house under the proprietary Tioga brand. In addition, the Company remanufactures HVAC&R compressors and provides refrigerant storage and recovery solutions. The Company serves a broad and growing range of end users and OEMs across a diverse group of end markets, including industrial manufacturing, energy, power, healthcare, education, construction, restoration and commercial real estate.



  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • American Equipment Group
    • DriExpress
    • Empire Holdings
    • All American Portable Air
    • Rocky Mountain Portable Cooling
  • Initial Investment | March 2019
    Headquarters | Indianapolis, IN
    Realized | February 2023
    Previous Ownership | Financial Sponsor
    Defense & Government Services

    Founded in 1957, Seanair has a strong history of innovation, producing high-quality precision parts for the aerospace industry. The Company produces structural parts, flight controls, material handling, ground support, fuel systems, landing gears, wing structure parts, removable panels, and weapon-delivery components. Seanair’s long body of work includes the A-6 Intruder, EA-6B Prowler, E-2C Hawkeye, C-2A Greyhound, F-14 Tomcat, the Lunar Module, C-130 Hercules, F-16 Viper, F22 Raptor, U2 Dragon Lady, SH-60 Sea Hawk, V-22 Osprey and several classified programs. Based in Farmingdale, New York, the Company produces high-quality components in support of operational readiness and force projection of the US Armed Forces and their allies throughout the world.

    Initial Investment | September 2020
    Headquarters | Farmingdale, NY
    Status | Active

    Sierra Space products and programs are working towards a more accessible space economy. The Company is rapidly advancing toward the launch of the world’s only winged commercial spaceplane, the Dream Chaser. As the next generation of space transportation, the Dream Chaser will perform cargo supply and return missions for NASA, delivering up to 12,000 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) at a time. The return journey will carry critical data, generated by ISS researcher experiments, enabling earth-bound scientists to benefit from much faster access to these unique results. Dream Chaser is a reusable spaceplane, uniquely capable of a smooth 1.5 low-g reentry for crew and cargo transportation with the ability to land on existing commercial runways worldwide. Beyond the Dreamchaser, Sierra Space is working to deliver the next generation commercial LEO space station by teaming its innovative Large Integrated Flexible Environment (LIFE) habitat with various technologies and capabilities from Blue Origin, Boeing and Redwire.

    Initial Investment | November 2021
    Headquarters | Broomfield, CO
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-owned
    Business Aviation

    Solairus is a technology-enabled private aviation management company whose core business is assisting aircraft owners with the safe, reliable, and cost-efficient management and operation of their aircraft. With more than 270 medium- to large-cabin aircraft under management, Solairus provides its customers with significant cost savings given the negotiating leverage this scale provides. Solairus also has a complementary charter business that primarily utilizes its managed fleet to service its customer needs.

    Initial Investment | July 2021
    Headquarters | Petaluma, CA
    Realized | July 2022
    Previous Ownership | Family/Founder-Owned
    Defense & Government Services

    ThayerMahan is a maritime technology company dedicated to providing its government and commercial clients with turn-key autonomous marine solutions, including deployment, operations, data gathering and analysis services, using state-of-the-art acoustic and electronic sensors integrated on a variety of host platforms tailored to specific mission criteria.

    Initial Investment | May 2021
    Headquarters | Groton, CT
    Status | Active

    Yingling Aviation is a full-service MRO and FBO services provider located at Wichita’s Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport (KICT). The Company’s broad range of MRO services include airframe, engine, avionics upgrades, paint, interior, propeller sales and service, parts sales, aircraft management, and aircraft sales. Yingling Aviation’s FAA/EASA-certified aircraft maintenance department performs comprehensive service, modifications and repairs. Founded in 1945, the Company currently operates over 300,000 square feet of facility space.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Mid-Continent Aviation Services
  • Initial Investment | May 2023
    Headquarters | Wichita, KS
    Status | Active

    Headquartered in Denver, CO, York Space Systems is a leading independent provider of small satellites, satellite components and turnkey mission operations to both government and commercial customers. With a suite of spacecraft solutions designed for all mission types, York manufactures satellite buses purposefully designed to balance scalability, manufacturability, and efficiency in order to address the evolving, high-volume demand for small satellite constellations in LEO.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • Emergent Space Technologies
  • Initial Investment | November 2022
    Headquarters | Denver, CO
    Status | Active
    The portfolio companies referenced herein are not representative of all investments in vehicles managed by AE Industrial Partners, and there can be no assurance that the investments referred to are, or will be, profitable.