The Atlas Group

Atlas manufactures flight-critical, complex assemblies on a diverse group of commercial, military and business aircraft, including the 737MAX, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Gulfstream G650, and nearly every Textron Aviation aircraft. Atlas has developed a unique set of machining, specialty forming and chemical processing capabilities, supported by automation technology and low-cost manufacturing. This vertical integration allows Atlas to deliver a broad range of complex aircraft assemblies, including complete aircraft doors, escape hatches, wing structures, and flight control assemblies for a growing list of leading aerospace OEMs.
Atlas and FMI are both based in Wichita, KS with other strategic locations in Phoenix, AZ, Bensalem, PA and Chihuahua, Mexico. The combined platform will create a center of excellence in manufacturing a wide range of complex assemblies including aircraft doors, engine nacelle structures, pressure bulkheads and a variety of other product families.

Wichita, KS 

Initial Investment
October 2017 

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