Our Commitment to Sustainability and Community
Responsible Investment and Sustainability Update

At AE Industrial Partners we are committed to investing in products and technology that provide cleaner, more efficient solutions across our focus areas of Clean Energy Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability Innovation within our Target Markets. Underscoring this commitment, our 2023 Responsible Investment and Sustainability Investor Update details the progress we have made on our responsible investment initiatives over the past year, both across the firm and portfolio level.


Highlights from the 2023 report include:

  • Updates to our Responsible Investment Policy, alignment with current market best practices and the evolving needs of the firm and its clients
  • Governance, including the appointment of a Head of Sustainability focused on maintaining a best-in-class Responsible Investment program
  • Progress on firm-wide training to drive our sustainability goals and ensure alignment
  • Completion of corporate sustainability emissions accounting 
  • Our commitment to an inclusive workplace, including signing the CFA Institute’s DEI Code, engagement with nonprofit organizations, recruiting initiatives, and our Second Annual Women’s Retreat
  • Engagement with leading sustainability advocacy organizations, through events and peer networking
  • An overview of the evolution of our sustainability strategy across our core focus areas
  • Progress on sustainability innovation through our HorizonX venture capital platform 
  • Supporting our portfolio companies in the development of robust sustainability programs 
  • Development of a Value Creation scorecard to measure portfolio companies’ performance across standardized sustainability metrics
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Clean Energy Infrastructure

A selection of AEI portfolio companies that provide clean energy infrastructure opportunities include:

ENERCON works with utilities to modernize the infrastructure of their electric grids, ensuring the scale-up of secure, resilient, and affordable power, while also accelerating the transition to smarter grids that can effectively handle increased renewable energy.
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BHI strategically supports the maintenance and longevity of carbon free power generation and delivery within the nuclear, renewables, and transmission and distribution markets with 98% of revenue tied to zero‐carbon sources.
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CDI Engineering has strategically repositioned its business to focus on the growth opportunity within the renewable energy markets including engineering solutions in renewable power generation, renewable fuels, and energy efficiency and conservation.
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Energy Efficiency

A selection of AEI portfolio companies that are improving energy efficiency:

Applied Composites is competitively positioned to fulfill the growing demand for composites and help its consumers build more energy-efficient equipment through its build-to-print and build-to-spec services.
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Belcan provides engineering services and support for sensitive, high-security initiatives across the aerospace, space, industrial, automotive, and government sectors, developing next-generation programs that result in highly efficient products.
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A selection of AEI portfolio companies that provide advanced safety solutions:

Altus Life & Fire Safety was formed based on AEI’s vision to create a world-class fire and life safety services platform. Altus offers a complete suite of solutions, from the design, engineering, installation, and servicing of state-of-the-art fire and life safety systems to training, consulting, crisis management, and business continuity services.
Pangiam analyzes passenger threats to protect the homeland and helps global commercial and government consumers ensure travel and aviation security, public safety, defense and national security, and more. Their AI-driven accessible screening solution has the potential to transform aviation security worldwide.
Columbia Helicopters is a heavy-lift helicopter operator, providing valuable services including disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and aerial firefighting. Columbia’s fleet of helicopters are designed with the largest internal tanks to provide robust firefighting capabilities, as well as the ability to transport critical supplies such as food, water and medicine to remote and inaccessible regions in war torn areas.
Sustainable Innovation

A selection of AEI HorizonX portfolio companies that are driving transformation in mobility, climate, and technology sectors:

Electric Power Systems (“EPS”) develops advanced lithium-ion battery modules and charging solutions for aerospace and other demanding mobility/transportation markets.
Matternet is building a safe, secure, and on-demand autonomous aerial vehicle (UAV) delivery network for urban environments using battery powered drones to combat traditional high emitting delivery methods.
Quincus provides an operating system for global logistics providers to use as their centralized operations and data hub for multi-modal cargo delivery to drive efficiency improvements across supply chains.
Sustainable Practices

Companies from across our portfolio that are leading the way with sustainability practices:

The Atlas Group leverages unique automation capabilities on its cabin door work to improve efficiencies and quality while limiting manufacturing waste.
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Belcan supports major aircraft engine OEMs with over 1000 engineers globally on new and future generations of engine development and production programs that result in state-of-the-art, highly efficient products.
G.S. Precision maintains a strong company culture of excellence, safety, and compliance that provides its employees with a rewarding and safe environment.
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Signatory to the ILPA Diversity in Action Initiative 

Signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment

Signatory to the Initiative Climat International (iCI) 

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