Thomas E. Brew, Jr.

Mr. Brew joined AE Industrial in 2008, following the sale of Power Systems Mfg. (PSM) to Alstom SA in 2007, and currently serves as a special advisor to the firm. Mr. Brew was the Chief Operating Officer of PSM from 2001-2008, maintaining responsibility for day-to-day operations through a period of rapid expansion under two separate owners. Mr. Brew also managed PSM’s intellectual property portfolio, which included over 80 issued or pending patents. Prior to PSM, Mr. Brew was a co-founding partner of Argus Management Corp, a financial and management consulting firm with expertise in providing interim management in distressed situations including acting as CEO of Kurzweill Applied Intelligence and Laclede Steel. Mr. Brew’s over 30 years of experience provide him with a powerful level of operations management and financial expertise which AE Industrial is able to leverage throughout its portfolio. Mr. Brew received a BS and LLB from Boston University, and is an attorney and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) (currently inactive).