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Commercial Aerospace
September 2, 2017
Moeller Aerospace to Expand Harbor Springs Facility

HARBOR SPRINGS, MICHIGAN– An aerospace manufacturer’s recently launched expansion project
at its Harbor Springs plant is expected to bring growth in its workforce along with the building footprint.

Work began roughly a month ago toward enlarging Moeller Aerospace’s facility, located off West
Conway Road at 8725 Moeller Drive. The company produces machined parts used in jet engines —
with a customer base that includes major engine manufacturers such as General Electric, Rolls-Royce
and Pratt & Whitney. It also provides parts for use in electrical power generating equipment, supplying
manufacturers such as Siemens.

A 67,000-square-foot addition will nearly double the plant’s area, allowing additional production
resources to be phased in over several years. The plant’s headcount recently stood at about 226
employees — including several hired in connection with the expansion project — and company officials
expect that will increase to around 260 once the production increases are fully implemented. Plans are
in the works to add about 80 pieces of production equipment at the plant.

“This is a multimillion-dollar investment,” said Moeller plant manager Dave Davidson.

The company is taking steps to reconfigure its plant site to allow for the plant expansion, such as
creating new parking areas and relocating part of a warehouse building on the property. Company
officials hope to have the plant addition framed in by November, and aim for it to be ready for occupancy
by April 2018.

Davidson noted that growing demand for commercial jets is helping drive the expansion, with aircraft
operators looking to update aging fleets.

We’re expanding existing and adding new product lines,” the plant manager said.

Ironwood Construction of Petoskey is a key contractor for Moeller’s building project. Several Harbor
Springs firms, including Harbor Springs Excavating, FAH Architecture and Stockton Architecture and
Development, are other examples of other local companies involved in the project.

“Our plan is to use as many local contractors as possible,” Davidson said.

Headquartered in downstate Wixom, Moeller Aerospace has roots in a company known as Moeller
Manufacturing, which was founded in 1954. The company has had a presence in Harbor Springs since
the 1970s. To learn more about Moeller Aerospace, see