Defense & Government Services, Commercial Aerospace, Space

Applied Composites is a leading provider of complex composite components, assemblies, engineering, and tooling to the aerospace, defense, and space markets. Applied Composites was formed through AEI’s acquisitions of AC&A, Alliance Spacesystems, Applied Composites Engineering (“ACE”), Applied Composite Structures (“ACS”), formerly known as EnCore Composite Structures, San Diego Composites (“SDC”) and North Coast Composites. Operating across six locations, Applied Composites is recognized as a leading supplier of advanced composite solutions for airframes, engines, auxiliary power units, nacelle structures, rotorcraft, spacecraft, satellites and UAVs with expanding content on many high growth aerospace, space and defense platforms.

  • Add-on Acquisitions
    • AC&A
    • Alliance Spacesystems
    • Applied Composites Engineering
    • Applied Composite Structures
    • San Diego Composites
    • North Coast Composites
  • Initial Investment | May 2016
    Headquarters | Lake Forest, CA
    Status | Active
    Previous Ownership | Founder-Owned