Our Commitment

AE Industrial Partners is committed to its Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DEI”) principles at both the firm and portfolio company level. From integrating social and environmental factors into our investment decision-making, to supporting diverse hiring and board representation, AEI will be a progressive voice in the industry, leading by example. As we move forward in our ESG and DEI journey, we will continue to strive to deliver greatest value for our investors and society.

Signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment

Committed to the ESG Data Convergence Initiative 


Signatory to the Initiative Climat International (iCI)

Signatory to the ILPA Diversity in Action Initiative 


AE Industrial proudly sponsors:
ESG Alignment in Our Portfolio

AIM MRO provides aerospace repair materials, ensuring engine performance that enables passenger safety and improves engine fuel efficiencies.

Alpine Air developed and granted a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) by the FAA to modify its aircraft in a way that boosts fuel economy and reduces carbon impact.

Altus utilizes top quality, reliable equipment from trusted brands that understand every building’s life safety and fire detection needs and provide state of the art solutions and technology.

AMPAC has developed a fire-extinguishing agent called Halotron which replaces toxic Halon based solutions. Halotron is clean, safe, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly.

The Atlas Group leverages unique automation capabilities on its cabin door work to improve efficiencies and quality while limiting manufacturing waste.

BHI Energy strategically supports the maintenance and longevity of carbon free power generation and delivery within the nuclear, renewables and T&D markets with 98% of revenue tied to zero-carbon sources.

BigBear.ai’s customers in the maritime sector looking to the company to help them determine destination port capacity months in advance, thereby reducing wait times and saving fuel; woman-led business.

CDI Engineering has strategically repositioned its business away from the petrochemical sector and focused its growth within the renewable energy and sustainable chemical markets.

Columbia Helicopters performs worldwide aerial firefighting, preserving global wilderness, saving cities / homes, and reducing emissions.

Edge Autonomy is developing multiple green power supply systems for unmanned vehicles which will reduce future dependence on petroleum-based fuels.

ENERCON is helping to modernize our power grids through expert environment services, site design and engineering. This not only ensures greater infrastructure resilience, but also increases connectivity potential to renewable power sources.

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Firefly is developing a re-usable rocket to efficiently deliver government, academic and commercial payloads to low earth orbit that will significantly reduce single-use launch technologies and pollution both in space and on earth.

G.S. Precision maintains a strong company culture of excellence, safety, and compliance that provides its employees with a rewarding and safe environment.

HealthWay’s air purification technology solutions ensure the purity of indoor air while maximizing energy efficiency and have been proven to capture and permanently remove airborne viruses and bacteria.

Kellstrom Aerospace leverages the latest technology and best practices to ensure overhauled engines are fuel efficient and meet current standards, reducing customer carbon impact.

Moeller Aerospace is actively implementing environmental management processes and procedures in its manufacturing operations to minimize waste streams and drive further energy efficiency.

Pangiam provides passenger threat analysis to protect the homeland and enables passenger safety through its analytical solutions to the government and airports.

Redwire Space is building satellite components for many National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellites which are helping scientists around the world better understand climate change.

Resolute Industrials’ HVAC&R rentals play a critical role in disaster recovery, providing HVAC, power solutions and emergency drying services to help residents and businesses quickly recover.

Sierra Space is building the next generation of space infrastructure that includes solar-powered, re-usable spacecraft and inflatable habitats; these technologies support exploration while requiring fewer individual launches.

Solairus Aviation maintains a carbon offset program for customers and is always striving to reduce the amount of empty flight legs.

Triman Industries has an in-house Trade Compliance Department and reviews each potential manufacturer, supplier, and customer through a ‘denied parties’ screening program.